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Tiens Slimming Tea

Tiens Slimming Tea

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Tiens Slimming Tea: Product Description

Tiens Slimming Tea, also more popularly known as Wu long tea, adjusts highly effectively to your individual body functions. It speeds up your weight loss journey, decomposes body fats, and helps you shed the pounds through application of ancient knowledge from Chinese herbal medicine.

Functions & Benefits

Tiens Slimming Tea is actually produced in line with age-old Chinese wisdom. It is actually derived from one of the finest Chinese tea herb blends, known as ‘Wu long Tea.’ Wulong tea is not very widely known about. However, it is still immensely popular amongst the Chinese, who can even brew the same leaves up to twice. The produced infusion is a bright copper red color that bears a refreshing and ripe taste. The positive Tiens slimming tea side effects include support to your general well-being, contribution to weight loss, and invigorating effects in stimulation of mind and soul.

Recommended Usage

Recommended usage is 1 bag brewed in half to one litre of luke-warm water. Leave it closed at least ten minutes. Consume three times daily. Every bag can be re-used. Wasted sachets can be used for facial treatments. You may also like the more popular Tiens Slimming Tea alternative known as Lipid Metabolic Management Tea or Tianshi Antilipemic Tea.

Tiens Slimming Tea Ingredients

Tiens Slimming Tea contains a number of key beneficial ingredients that are together responsible for its amazing results with weight loss and slimming down. It contains semen cassia, folium nelumbinis, oolong tea, foliumllicis latifoliae, rhizoma alismatis, pericarpium citri, and radix etrhizomarhei amongst other ingredients. This tea is, in fact, the perfect measure from a fitotherapeutic view. Tiens Slimming Tea is particularly effective for fat-burning, as it contains about 400 target elements, including several vitamins.

Tiens Slimming Tea

Tiens Slimming Tea adjusts effectively to bodily functions, and accelerates to decompose fat in the body in order to lose weight.
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